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Native ECM 

Tissue Spec Matrix
Solution & Hydrogels 1 and 5 ml: 15% OFF

To our dear Austrian customers, please call us. You can now order directly at the headquarter in Munich.

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TOP-Quality Medium for TOP-Price: pay only 83 Euro p.U.

The Cellovations EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium is a complete medium formulated for optimal growth of endothelial cells. We want you to have a very convenient and easy opportunity to grow your cells with the best possible conditions and the best possible price. Due to the growing demand we can offer this premixed medium now at an irrestible price. Pay as low as 83 € p.Unit (500 ml) plus shipping, handling fee, calculated individually.

QuickPick Tool 1M

get your SPECIAL PRICE and pay only 175,- EUR!

NEW Tip-Strips for the QuicPick 8M

QuicPick Tool 8M & Tip-Strips

get your 10% OFF!

Stop lot testing

NEW: ALL enzymes from VitaCyte in GMP quality now… no more hassle if you switch from R&D to cGMP. Request your exclusive offer for your favorite:

  • All DE Collagenase
  • CIzyme rCollagenase HI



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Featured Product

Mycoplasma Total Solution:  Your Cell Culture Mycoplasma free –  Detect Eliminate, Prevent and Freeze

ProteoCarry a new protein transfection reagent. Going to Cytoplasm, not ending up in endosome!

Mini Cell Scraper – Collect cells from wells effectively!

Antistatic disposable spatel, tube and weighing dish – Ideal for dispensing, weighing and storing of microparticles

Why we are Simply Premium Choice…

PELOBiotech GmbH offers a broad range of primary cells, stem cells, genetically modified cell systems and 3D cell models.

To be able to get you these premium products we work together with leading companies worldwide. This will guarantee best quality and a huge number of highly innovative products and services.

PELOBiotech GmbH offers more than competence for cells. Get everything from one shop.

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Thur June 14, 2018
Live Panel: Is FBS still the best a scientist can afford?

Biostandardisation: Fast Track for Cancer Diagnostic

presented by Dr. Marco Leu, abc biopply ag, Switzerland
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