d-StemTM Tri-lineage

d-StemTM Tri-lineage

  • Analyze up to 24 hESC/iPSC clones simultaneously in 96 well format
  • Optimal Matrix for each germ layer differentiation
  • Complete formulated differentiation media
  • Validated antibodies: Sox1, Sox17 and Brachyury

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  1. Karel 2 Jahre vor

    Cool video. I wish they’d clarify what kind of stem cells they are adocavting the use of, however. Not many people would disagree that stem cells have incredible potential and have proven to be of unprecedented value. Yet, there is still an important debate on the ethics of embryonic vs matured stem cell use for anything. Part of me leaps for joy at the prospect of cures while at the same time another part of me suffers with the idea of the cost to human life. I think viewers need to know. So, what are they adocavting in this video?

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