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Purification Made Easy

The QuickPick™ technology from Bio-Nobile offers tangible improvements over conventional purification technologies both in manual applications and in higher throughput automatic solutions. Bio-Nobile supplies a complete solution for nucleic acid and protein purification by providing QuicPick™ magnetic tools and MagRo™ robotic workstation together with QuickPick™ reagents and consumables.

QuicPick™ magnetic tools MagRo™ 96-M robotic workstation QuickPick™ kits

What is magnetic purification?

Magnetic purification relies on the affinity on the surface of magnetic particles. A suspension of magnetic particles is mixed with a preparation of the target molecule. Once the target has bound to the affinity group, a magnet is used to separate the target-bound particles from the solution. The unbound material can then be washed away from the particles. Depending on the application, the target molecules can then, if necessary, be detached from the magnetic particles.

Magnetic particle technology offers the advantages of speed and simplicity. When compared with separation methods such as centrifugation and vacuum extraction it is more economical, and far more gentle on the sample.

By providing the ability to move magnetic particles directly from one stage of the assay to the next, Bio-Nobile magnetic purification products enable researchers to derive greater benefit from the wide range of surface chemistries and particle materials available today.

QuickPick™ technology:

Move particles – not liquids

The QuicPick™ magnetic tools together with the QuickPick™ kits spearhead a new approach to magnetic purification. Rather than immobilizing magnetic particles and then removing the surrounding liquid, the QuicPick approach is to lift the particles directly out of the liquid. The particles can thus be moved rapidly and effortlessly from one stage of the purification to the next.

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