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Recombinant Proteins

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Instruments & Tools

Useful Tools for Cell Culture!
Mini Cell Strainer & Mini Cell Strainer II are designed for a fast and easy removal of cell clumps during tissue dissociation as well as for prefiltration of samples before Flow Cytometry or Mass Spectroscopy.

Mini Cell Strainer

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QuickPick Tool 1M

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NEW Tip-Strips for the QuicPick 8M

QuicPick Tool 8M & Tip-Strips

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C-Chip – get your 20 % discount (e.g. 50 pcs only 84,50 EUR)
is a disposable plastic hemocytometer (Fuchs-Rosenthal, 200 µm)
Cat: PB-DHC-F01-50

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Tissue Dissociation


Cell Culture Media

TOP-Quality Medium for TOP-Price: pay only 83 Euro p.U.

The Cellovations® EASY Endothelial Cell Growth Medium is a complete medium formulated for optimal growth of endothelial cells. We want you to have a very convenient and easy opportunity to grow your cells with the best possible conditions and the best possible price. Due to the growing demand we can offer this premixed medium now at an irrestible price. Pay as low as 83 Euro p.Unit (500 ml).

Assays & Arrays

DNA/RNA Purification

Special promotion GeneAll

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• GA-101-102 GeneAll® Exprep™ Plasmid SV mini [200prep]; 116,-/Kit
• GA-106-101 GeneAll® Exgene™ Cell SV mini [200prep]; 158,50/Kit
• GA-111-150 GeneAll® Exfection™ Plasmid LE mini [50 prep]; 61,-/Kit
• GA-112-102 GeneAll® Expin™ Combo GP mini [200prep]; 146,50/Kit
• GA-112-150 GeneAll® Expin™ Combo GP mini [50prep]; 49,-/Kit
• GA-113-102 Expin™ CleanUp SV [200prep]; 134,-/Kit
• GA-117-101 Exgene Plant SV mini [100 preps]; 195,-/Kit
• GA-117-152 Exgene Plant SV mini [250 preps]; 372,-/Kit
• GA-304-150 GeneAll® Ribospin™ min [50 preps]; 142,50/kit
• GA-GA-100 GENESTA™ 1kb DNA Ladder; 36,50/Kit

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