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PELOBIOTECH GmbH develops and produces special cell culture media for human primary cells, stem cells and embryonic stem cells as well as special supplements for tumor stem cells. Our media are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems and isolated cells.

In addition to our media products, PELOBIOTECH GmbH distributes a broad range of cell culture products from our exclusive partners worldwide:
• Human/animal primary cells & stem cells, iPSC derived cells
• Modified and tagged primary cells & stem cells
• Diseased Cell Systems
• Media for primary cells, stem cells & iPSC/ES cells
• 3D Cell Culture Technology
• 3D Microtissues ready-to-use
• Angiogenesis Models & validated cells for Angiogenesis research
• MicroMatrix Array for the optimal cell/stem cell microenvironment (ECM and soft underground)
• Cell Culture Tools: – Hydrogels – Biomatrix Proteins & Coating Solutions – Cell based Assays – Rec. Proteins e.g. Cytokines, Growth Factors and Chemokines – Animal-free Cytokines – Elisa Kits – Antibodies – Dyes for Microscopy, HTS, FACS – Europium Chelates for HTS

Our objective is to provide high quality cell culture products at affordable prices. Contact us today and let us show you how we can help you meet your technical and budget targets.

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cryo_shop Our partnership with CryoShop gives you the choice to work together with experts in cryopreservation and sample handling.