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Ready-to-Use Cancer Spheroids
presented by Angel Garcia Martin, PhD, MBA, CEO StemTek Therapeutics
Upcoming 30 min. July - more coming soon


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Past Webinars Records
EASY – New Ways for Endothelial Cell Culture
Presented by LotharSteeb, PhD, CEO & CSO, PELOBiotech
Cell Sourcing - Do you get the cells you really need?
Presented by Peter Frost, PhD, CEO, PELOBiotech
MSCs and the Challenges of xeno-free Media (German Version)
Presented by Peter Frost, PhD, PELOBIOTECH GmbH
BioRam: New Generation of Cell Analysing
Presented by Karin Schütze, PhD CSO, CellTool, and Heidi Kremling, PhD, Head of Lab, CellTool
Marvelous MSCs
Presented by Peter Frost, PELOBIOTECH
Endothelial Cell Culture: Sensitive and Efficient Tools for R&D
Presented by Lothar Steeb, CSO, PELOBIOTECH, Germany
SynVivo: Find the best Tumor Microenvironment Model
Presented by Prabhakar Pandian, CTO , SynVivo, USA
Endothelial Cell Culture: Sensitive and Efficient Tools for R&D
Presented by Lothar Steeb, CSO , PELOBIOTECH, Germany
Single-label TRF Detection Technology for Drug Discovery
Presented by Harri Härmä, Ass. Prof., Uni Turku, FIN
Microfluidic Chips: Technology and Application
Presented by Prabhakar Pandian, CTO , SynVivo, USA
Defined Media_ Just political correct or really better_ The importance of Defined Media
Presented by Lothar Steeb, Pelobiotech, Germany
Better Results with Porous Microspheres
Presented by Justin Jordaan, ReSyn Biosciences, Southafrica
Change the Paradigm of Crude Collagenase
Presented by Bob McCarthy, VitaCyte, USA
Biopreservation Challenges for Cell Therapy Manufacturing
Presented by Brian Hawkins, PhD & Alireza Abazari, MSc, PhD (BioLife Solutions, USA)
Label-free and non-invasive quality assurance of cell based products
presented by Karin Schütze, CellTool GmbH
Block out the Black Box Alternativen zum Fetalen Kälberserum – neuer Ansatz, neuer Anlauf, neue Hoffnung?
Presented by Prof. Dr.phil. Gerhard Gstraunthaler, Universität Innsbruck, Sektion für Physiologie
mimsys G for 3D cell culture
presented by Cristina Correia (Ph.D.) irisbiosciences
Incredible Insights_ RBDs, new tools for your discoveries in cell metabolism
presented by Vincent Petit (ph.D) Metafora Biosystems.

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