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We offer a number of different 3D cell culture models which are used for various applications. In our opinion 3D models mimic the situation in vivo better than 2D cell cultures.

The organotypic 3D modles (skin & airway) show the typical structure and are neccessary when the barrier function plays a critical role.

3D Spheroids are a predictive step forward and broadly used in drug development and drug/compound testing.

The Angiogenesis Tracing Kits are co-culture systems of different endothelial cells and stromal. As the cells are already pre-labeled it is easy to track tube Formation and the effects of compounds.

The new 3D microfluidic Systems offer a step forward to an in vivo like comound testing.

We will search for further 3D models to narrow the gap between 2D cell culture and the situation in vivo.

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