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Cell Adhesion Assays

MicroMatrix Arrays
We offer MicroStem's MicroMatrix™ technology to discover and elucidate cell culture and screening conditions for many different mammalian cell types. MicroStem technology will immobillize soluble and insoluble molecules in combination as a solid phase array. Cells adhere to these arrays for real time and end point experiments. Because the platform is a micro-array it requires minimal amounts of cells to test thousands of molecules in parallel. Our products require no liquid handling or robotic instrumentation. High content analysis and other forms of image based analysis can be used.

Stem Cell Differentiation Assays

ColonyGEL™ Methylcellulose-based CFC Assays

About Colony Forming Cell Assays

Hematopoietic progenitors with lineage-restricted (less primitive) or multi-lineage (more primitive) potential form morphologically distinct colonies when grown in a suitable semi-solid medium containing appropriate growth factors and other supplements. To form the specific colony type that characterizes its potential, a progenitor cell must both proliferate and differentiate within the supportive matrix.

Colony-forming cell (CFC) assays therefore have great utility in the identification and enumeration of the different types of functional progenitors in hematopoietic tissues (e.g. bone marrow, cord blood, fetal liver) and manipulated cell populations (e.g. purified, expanded, frozen/thawed, drug treated, etc.).

For a variety of reasons, methylcellulose has become the matrix of choice for semi-solid media for CFC assays. Pre-screening and qualification of the various components of methylcellulose-based media allow for media products that are highly reproducible in their ability to support vigorous and robust growth of the various types of progenitors.

ColonyGEL™ meets the highest standards of methylcellulose-based media for hematopoietic colony-forming cell assays.
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Viability Assays

Ctyo-X Cell Viability & Proliferation Assay

Cyto-X a colorimetric cell viability reagent which is more sensitive and less toxic than other commercially available cell counting reagents.

Cyto-X , a highly water-soluble tetrazolium salt, is reduced by dehydrogenases (DH) in live cells to form an orange colored formazan product that is soluble in culture medium. The amount of formazan product is directly proportional to the enzymatic activity of DH´s and the number of living cells.

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MTT Cell Viability & Proliferation Assay

Proliferation Assays

EdU Proliferation Assay
Get the click chemistry – Baseclick, founded 2008, offers Proliferation Assays. Their products are based on the outstanding “click technology”. The detection of cell proliferation is of utmost importance for assessing cell health, determining genotoxicity or evaluating anticancer drugs.

The core of the this technology is the “click reaction”, a copper catalyzed cycloaddition allowing virtually unlimited functionalization of both small synthetic oligonucleotides and large gene fragments with unprecedented efficiency. Characteristic therefore are the broad application possibilities, high yields and easy & quick reaction conditions using readily available and inexpensive reagents.

EdU Proliferation Assays for Microscopy, FACS, HTS and in vivo:
Imaging Kits
BCK-EdU488-1 EdU-Click 488
BCK-EdU555-1 EdU-Click 555
BCK-EdU594-1 EdU-Click 594
BCK-EdU647-1 EdU-Click 647

Flow cytometry kits
BCK-FC488-50 EdU Flow Cytometry Kit 488
BCK-FC555-50 EdU Flow Cytometry Kit 555
BCK-FC594-50 EdU Flow Cytometry Kit 594
BCK-FC647-50 EdU Flow Cytometry Kit 647

EdU HTS Kits
BCK-HTS488-2 EdU HTS Kit 488 (200 reactions or plates) 2×96 well
BCK-HTS488-4 EdU HTS Kit 488 (400 reactions or plates) 4×96 well
BCK-HTS488-20 EdU HTS Kit 488 (2000 reactions or 20×96 well plates)

BCK-HTS555-2 EdU HTS Kit 555 (200 reactions or plates) 2×96 well
BCK-HTS555-4 EdU HTS Kit 555 (400 reactions or plates) 4×96 well
BCK-HTS555-20 EdU HTS Kit 555 (2000 reactions or 20×96 well plates)

BCK-HTS594-2 EdU HTS Kit 594 (200 reactions or plates) 2×96 well
BCK-HTS594-4 EdU HTS Kit 594 (400 reactions or plates) 4×96 well
BCK-HTS594-20 EdU HTS Kit 594 (2000 reactions or 20×96 well plates)

BCK-HTS647-2 EdU HTS Kit 647 (200 reactions or 2×96 well plates)
BCK-HTS647-4 EdU HTS Kit 647 (400 reactions or 4×96 well plates)
BCK-HTS647-20 EdU HTS Kit 647 (2000 reactions or 20×96 well plates)

EdU in vivo Kits
1. Imaging kit (BCK-IV-IM)
2. Flow cytometry kit (BCK-IV-FC)
3. High throughput screening – HTS kit (BCK-IV-HTS)

All kits are availabe as small, medium and large. You can select the in vivo kits with the dye of choice and the right EdU content for your animal model.

small: 50 mg
medium: 500 mg
large: 1000 mg

Mycoplasma PCR Detection Assay

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