As our customer you expect to find all commercially available primary cells and diseased cells in our product range. If you do so, PELOBIOTECH GmbH is your choice to fulfill all needs you actually have or that will come up during your project. We are very keen to offer the broadest portfolio of human and animal primary cells as well as stem cells you ever find within one shop. We combine long lasting expertise with high quality production methods in cells and media to build up a solid basis for your work. It is our goal to develop media systems which are animal-free and/or defined to make the usage of animal components (e.g. FBS, BSA, BPE) redundant.
PELOBIOTECH combines long lasting expertise with high quality production methods in cells and media to build up a solid basis for your work.

Primary Cells

Human Primary Cells/Media

When deciding to offer the widest range in human cell culture, we first looked for the best partners in the field to combine expertise with quality. Therefore the cells from healthy donors were frozen after isolation and purification steps. All cells are tested to meet highest standards and specification.

We offer a broad range of human primary cells from and specialist media.

If you can't find what you're looking for – give us a call and we'll do the hard work for you.

For Custom Cell Isolation please complete our Custom Cell isolation Form and please Email to us:

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Further products are available:
Human Growth Factors (Research & GMP Quality!
Human Biomatrix Proteins
MicroMatrix Array to find the best Microenvironment for you cells and application
Growth Supplements (e.g. ECGF, BPE, BSA)
Solutions for Cryopreservation with DMSO & DMSO-free

Modified and tagged Primary Cells

We offer sHRNA transfected HUVEC and GFP or RFP labelled primary cells.

sHRNA stable transfected HUVEC:

  • PECAM1 Knockout
  • VEGFR1 Knockout
  • VEGFR2 Knockout

GFP or RFP labelled human primary endothelial cells and human firboblast.

Did You Know?

Our Service: Custom GFP/RFP Labeling of cells

Human Disease Cell Systems

To complete our cell portfolio we offer now primary cells and stem cells from various diseased states, ranging from polygenic diseases such as diabetes type 2, over Tumor diseases to rare genetic disorders, such as mucopolysaccharidoses.

Disease specific Primary Cells/Tissues from:
• Neurological Disorders
• Oncogenic Disorders
• Muscular Disorders
• Genetic Disorders
• Autoimmune Disorders
• Endocrine Disorders
• Congenital Disorders
• Cardiovascular Disorders
• Metabolic Disorders
• Degenerative Disorders
• Blood Disorders

Genomics/Proteomics Products (RNA, cDNA or protein lysate) from human cells & tissues

We offer customers the ability to purchase genomic and proteomic biological products from various cell systems and tissues. Unless specified, each product is from a single source and non-pooled. We offer cell pellets, tissues lysates, frozen tissue blocks, total RNA and cDNA of different tissues and cell systems.

Animal Primary Cells & Media

We provide a broad range of high-quality animal primary cells including endothelial, epithelial, tumor and stem cells, along with optimized cell culture media and other culture related products. Our animal cells were isolated from different strains of healthy wild type animals as well as a broad range of genetically modified mouse cells. Together with the cells we offer also selective media for animal cells. It belongs to you which cells you choose for your experiments. If you need another cell type or species please contact us for customer specific isolation.

Cell Culture Media

PELOBIOTECH offers a broad range of cell culture media for primary and stem cells. Each media consists of a basal medium and a mixture of supplements or kit of single cell-type specific growth supplements. Basal medium plus supplements create the best environment for cell development. It is our goal to develop media systems which are animal-free and/or defined to make the usage of animal components (e.g. FBS, BSA, BPE) redundant. Our media systems are developed to work with both commercially available cell systems as well as with from tissues isolated cells.

Our media are manufactured and supplied for research use only. Together with our partners we have developed an extensive variety of cell culture media to assist you with all research-specific needs of the specific cell types you are working with.

Cell Culture Reagents

Various cell culture reagents were developed to help you with the specific needs of different cell types. By using those reagents, our partners guaranty greatest possible quality, reproducibility and standardization of products. We are happy to offer now a range of GMP products for cell culture (growth factors, cytokines, ECM proteins platelet lysate and AB serum) and cryopreservation.

Biomatrix Proteins & Hydrogels for 2D/3D Cell Culture

Speed Coating Solution
The Speed Coating solution from PELOBIOTECH is optimized for coating cell culture flasks for endothelial cells growth. The solution promotes the adhesion of endothelial cells to coated culture-wares, and it significantly shortens the time required for trypsinizing cells for subculture.

Fibrinogen (human | bovine | salmon)
Fibrinogen is a soluble plasma glycoprotein that is converted by thrombin into a 3D fibrin scaffold. Fibrin scaffolds are superior to other naturally occurring 3D extracellular matrices and are ideal for a range of applications such as quality control reference material, cell culture, and wound healing. Human fibrinogen is available in lyophilized form for research and development purposes.

Fibronectin – human plasma & cell derived (research grade & cGMP)
Fibronectin is an attachment factor that facilitates the attachment and cytoplasmic spreading of all types of anchorage-dependent cells. Fibronectin is responsible for cell adhesion and migration processes including embryogenesis, wound healing, blood coagulation, host defense, and metastasis.

Vitronectin (human)
Vitronectin may be used for coating tissue culture surfaces to promote cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation, or as an additive for serum-free media. It provides a functionally defined and effective feeder-free surface for the attachment and maintenance of embryonic stem cells in a pluripotent state

Laminin-5 (recombinant human)
Laminin-5 functions as a potent ECM (extracellular matrix) protein to enhance cell adhesion, scattering, and migration, as a major non-collagenous component of the basal lamina

Collagen (Rat | Bovine | Human)
We offer rat tail collagen from total tails or from tail fibers only.

Collagen based Hydrogels (Rat | Bovine | Human)
Our Collagen Hydrogels can be used as two- or three-dimensional scaffolds for cells; it mimics the natural environment of cells, both chemically and physically. Collagen Hydrogel matches the softness of the body's tissues. It can be used to culture neurons in an environment as soft as the brain, cardiomyocytes on the stiffness of muscle, or whatever your cells' tissue of origin may be. In a 3D tissue model, our Collagen Hydrogel helps the cells build stronger basement membranes.

Gellan Gum based Hydrogels
mimsys G allows formation of hydrogel in the presence of monovalent cations or by addition of photo-initiator and ultraviolet light.
mimsys G forms biocompatible hydrogels capable of chemical manipulation for use either as acellular or cellular systems, dispensed manually or automatically at the application site. Its hydrogels are suitable for incorporation of cells, biomolecules, therapeutic drugs, diagnostic markers, probes, and/or other agents useful for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications4,5, as well as for their controlled delivery/release. mimsys G can be processed into different types of scaffolds, such as hydrogels, fibres, 3D structures and
micro- or nanoparticles.

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