High-performance microsphere products

ReSyn Biosciencesa South african start-up is specialized in high-performance high capacity magnetic microsphere products, the MagReSyn® range.

The high-performance MagReSyn® products are suitable for a range of proteomics, molecular and cell biology applications. The products are HT compatible and suitable for automation of workflows. The ReSyn polymer technology has been derivatized into a range of magnetic microsphere products with high capacity and specificity, to meet the most stringent R&D requirements.

Your Benefits for biseparation and protein immobilization:

  • High biomolecule binding capacity
  • High functional group density of 3500 µmoles.g-1, allows for multi-point covalent attachment of bioseparation ligand reducing leaching and enhancing stability.
  • Improved biomolecule purity and recovery
  • High protein binding capacity (>100% protein loading)
  • Enhanced protein stability through multipoint attachment
  • Demonstrated enzyme activity retention

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