Angiogenesis Tracing Kits

The Angiogenesis Tracing Kits content:

• 1 vial of pre-mixed and tagged human primary cells (endothelial cells & mesenchymal stem cells)
• 1 × 14 ml Speed Coating Solution
• 1 × 500 ml 1 × 500ml of Endo-Growth Medium (ready-to-use)

We offer the following kits (24 well-format):

• PB-cAP-08 In vitro HUVECs Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
• PB-cAP-12 In vitro Human Brain Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
• PB-cAP-13 In vitro Human Pancreatic Microvascular Endothelial Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
• PB-cAP-14 In vitro Human Glomerular Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit
• PB-cAP-15 In vitro Human Lymphangiogenesis Tracing Kit
• PB-cAP-16 In vitro Human Retina Microvascular Angiogenesis Tracing Kit

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