Metabolism Assay

Cell metabolism is mirror of cellular status and gives us hints for critical cellular processes in cancer, immunology, hematology, drug discovery and drug development. Our partner METAFORA Biosystems has developed a technology which makes is easy to generate information about the cell metabolism. METAscreen product line uses RGBs, the only cell surface ligands for:

  • Glut1 – the major glucose transporter
  • ASCT2 – the key glutamine transporter
  • PiT1 and PiT2 – the inorganic phosphate transporters
  • XPR1 – the only known inorganice exporter
  • FLVCR1 – the only known heme exporter

The RBDs are innovative and unmatched biological tools which will quickly detect and quantify SLCs (key nutrient transporter) at the cell surface.

Available Products:

  • Glut1.RBD – detect and quantify Glut1 at the cell surface using the single step (GFP) or two step (Fc) labeling procedure
  • METAscreen SLC Profiling Kit – evaluate metabolic signatures of your cells
  • METAscreen Mito Tox Kit – detect mitochondrial toxicity or a switch between glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation by monitoring Glut1 and FLVR1
  • METAscreen Onco Kit – detect and quantify 3 nutrient transporters involved in cancr metabolism
  • METAscreen Red Cell Kit – detect and quantify nutrient transporter involved in erythroid differentation
  • METAscreen Phosphate Kit – get an overview of cellular inorganic phosphate homeostasis by monitoring PiT1, PiT2 and XPR1.

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