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The MagRoTM—MK2 represents the next generation of open magnetic particle workstations. The systems is ideal as a stand alone system for nucleic acid, protein purification as well as cell isolations, and many other key applications in proteomics and genomics using magnetic particles.

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The MarRoTN-MK2 workstation is ideally suited for applications such as:

  • Gene expression studies – Transfection, RNAi, siRNA studies, Libary screening ADMET
  • Proteomics applications – Pull down assays, fractionations, MALDI & ESI-MS front end solutions
  • Cell Isolations – High throughput cell sorting, positive or negative fraction of 96 cell samples simultaneously
  • High throughput sample preparations – Nucleic acid and protein purifications from cells and tissues
  • High throughput magnetic solid phase applications – Immuno and receptor assays, Affinity screening
  • Multiplexing – Novel assay concepts for high density array and suspension bead array automation

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