Tissue Dissociation

Proteolytic Enzymes for reliable and reproducible tissue dissociation.

VitaCyteLLC manufactures highly purified and rigorously characterized tissue dissociating enzymes, sold as individual enzyme products or as enzyme formulations for specific cell isolation applications. The enzyme formulations are designed to achieve high viable cell yield, very low contaminant levels, and lot-to-lot consistency. Our focus is on delivering a product designed specifically for your application when isolating human or other mammalian cells from tissue for use in research or clinical applications. As knowledge advances in cell isolation science, VitaCyte is here to provide you technical support and deliver the purified tissue dissociation enzymes you require to maximize the yield of functional cells.

VitaCyte´s Products are exclusively dsitributed in Europe by PELOBIOTECH

New Products. DE Collagenase
This new Defined Enriched Collagenase developed by VitaCyte is blended with neutral potease and with distinct collagenase activity. This system is working with a fixed amount of purified Protease and removed of contaminants in majority of crude collagenase. This makes it even more consistent, convenient and cost effective.

For details please check out the DE Collagenase flyer.

Product Cat Pack Size IntendedApplication
Purified Collagenases
CIzyme™ Collagenase HA 001-1000 2000 Wunsch Units Human Islets
CIzyme™ Collagenase HA 0001-1050 200 Wunsch Units Rodent Islets
CIzyme™ Collagenase MA 001-2020 1100 Wunsch Units Porcine Islets
CIzyme™ Collagenase MA 001-2070 750 Wunsch Units Non-Human Primate Islets
CIzyme™ Collagenase MA 001-2030 2.5 Million CDA Units Human Hepatocytes
Purified Neutral Proteases
CIzyme™ Thermolysin 002-1000 12 mg Neutral Protease
CIzyme™ Thermolysin 002-2000 6 mg Neutral Protease
CIzyme™ BP Protease 003-1000 1.1 Million NP Units Neutral Protease
CIzyme™ AS 005-1090 35 Wunsch Units, 280k NP Units Human adiposelipoaspirate
CIzyme™ RI 005-1030 375k CDA Units, 75k NP Units Rodent Islets
DE Collagenase
DE Collagenase 100 / 10 011-1010 / 011-1110 1 g / 100 mg Procine & Rodent hepatocytes
DE Collagenase 200 / 20 011-1020 / 011-1120 1 g / 100 mg Rat Hepatocytes, Human Foreskin Fibroblasts, Human Foreskin Keratinocytes and Human Glioblastomas
DE Collagenase 400 / 40 011-1030 / 011-1130 1 g / 100 mg Rodent (rat and mouse) Islets and Rodent Dendritic Cells
DE Collagenase 600 / 60 011-1040 / 011-1140 1 g / 100 mg Rodent (rat and mouse) Islets and Rodent Pancreatic Cells
DE Collagenase 800 / 80 011-1050 / 011-1150 1 g / 100 mg Porcine Kidney Epithelial Cells, Rat Cardiomyocytes, Rat Fibroblasts and Rodent Dendritic Cells
DE Collagenase Gold 011-1060 / 011-1160 1 g / 100 mg Human Islets
DE Collagenase Optimization Kit 007-1050 5 × 100 mg

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