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PELOBIOTECH offers different services carried out by our highly specialist partners worldwide. You will be in contact with the expert to discuss your demands in detail. We take care on every single contract and will accomany the whole process from the early beginning.

Our partner companies offer the following services:

Customized Cell Culture Media Development & Production

We at PELOBIOTECH have a long experience in the development of cell culture media for primary cells. If you are interested in a special media for your cells or application just start discussions with us and learn what we can offer to you.

Minor changes in media formulations can done easily and we offer these customized media at affordable prices.

For further information please Email us: or call us (P): +49 (0)89 517 286 59-0

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Our Partners

cryo_shop Our partnership with CryoShop gives you the choice to work together with experts in cryopreservation and sample handling.