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Product Lists / Datasheets / Instructions

Tissue Dissociation

Primary Cells & Media
Product List Human Primary Cells & Media download
Product List human Endothelial Cells download

Product List Animal Primary Cells& Media download

3D Cell Culture
Chart to find the best bioprinting system for your

Product Flyer Biomimsys – Hyaluronic acid scaffolds download

Catalog BioConcept for classical and special Cell Culture Media


Custom form microtissue production download
Custom form protein production download
Custom form cell isolation download


Primary Cell Systems

Tools For Diabetes and Weight Control Research: Small Intestine Epithelial Cells download
Blood Disorders download
Tools For Toxicology: Human Primary Cells and Cultured Cells download
Neural cells and Neural Progenitors download
Human tumor epithelial cells download
Biomatrix Proteins for 2D & 3D Cell Culture download
UltraGro – hPL supplement download
Tools for cellular Research download flyer Thermoprobe for intracellular temperature measurement
Ligands for NK Cellsdownload flyer

3D Cell Culture

Three-Dimensional In Vitro Co-Culture Model of Breast Tumor using Magnetic Levitation download

Biomimesys®, a hyaluronic acid scaffold for 3D cell culture download

Adipocytes 3D cell culture Biomimesys®, a hyaluronic acid scaffold

Cryopreservation Media

Flyer CryoStor download
Flyer BloodStor download
Flyer BloodStor 100 download
Flyer HypoThermosol download
Flyer Cryomedia in bags download
Flyer Cryomedia in syringes download

Flyer CryoScarless – DMSO-free cryo-media download
Flyer StemCell Keep – DMSO-free cryo-media for ES/iPS download

Flyer CryoNovo – DMSO-free cryo-media download

Mycoplasma Detection & Treatment Solutions

PCR Mycoplasma detection Kit download

RT-PCR Mycoplasma detection Kit- Technical Overview download

RT-PCR Mycoplasma Product page download

Human Platelet Lysate Growth Factor Mixture Flyer

Cancer Stem Cell Assays Flyer

Cancer related Inhibitors download flyer

iPS Products

ES / iPS Media
ReproXF a complete Xeno-free culture systems are available with choice of coating solutions and dissociation solutions.

Reprogramming Kits
click here to download StemRNATM-SR Reprogramming Kit flyer.

click here to download the ISSCR 2015 poster “miRNA facilitated srRNA reprogramming of endothelial progenitor cells derived from peripherla blood and cord blood”

click here to download the ISSCR 2015 poster “A novol four transfection protocol for deriving iPS cell lines from human blood dreived EPCs”

Small Molecules
click here to download the list of available small molecules.

click here to download the ISSCR 2015 poster “Development of a novel medium for culturing naive iPS cells”

MicroMatrix Datasheet download

MicroStem Technotes
Cytotoxicity profiling technote download
Epithelial mesenchymal transition technote download
Brafman_2009_Integrative_Bio download
Tissue Specific Stem Cells download

DNA/RNA/Protein Purification

Small RNA Marker download

Protein Marker download

Signal Enhancer for Western Blot and ELISA download

Tissue Dissociation
Overview Flyer download
Rodent Islets Isolation download
Human Islets Isolation download


mimsys G download

Assays & Arrays

Metallo Assay LS download

Lithium Assay LS download



Drug Development Services
Using Blood and Bone Marrow Primary Cell Systems download

Chimerism Analysis

Purity control of cells sorted for lineage-specific chimerism analysis download

EVE^TM Automatic Cell Counter

Product Flyer download

C-Chip a disposable Plastic Hemocytometer
Product Flyer download

Disposable Hemocytometer 4 in 1
Product Flyer download

Data Sheets

Cell Systems

Product Information: Human Stromal Vascular Fraction (hSVF) – Cat# PB-060230 download

Cell Culture Media

Biomatrices & Coating Proteins
Data sheet human Fibronectin download

Data sheet mimsys G- PB-060201-1000 download

Reagents & Supplements
Data sheet Mycoplasma Removal Solution – PB-6919 download

Cytokines, Elisa & Antibodies

GlP1 Data sheet download

GlP2 Data sheet download

Cell Culture Tools
MycoSolutions Flyer download

BIOMASHER disposable Homoginizer download Flyer


ReproNaive Culture Medium

Instruction Manual for tthe conversion of feeder-dependent human iPSCs to the naive state. Click here to download

Mycoplasma Detection & Treatment Solutions

PCR Mycoplasma detection Kit download

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